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Last Stop: Paris Fashion Week.

The last stop of each fashion season is Paris, and it's always an incredible way to end my travels. I arrive in Paris at 1am from Milan and jump in a cab straight to my hotel in the centre of Paris. I'm up again at 5am for a show, so there isn't much time for sleep.

Paris is as full on as the rest, but I always make time to visit the hair shops whilst I’m there. The street ‘Passage De I'Industrie’ in the Strasbourg Saint-Denis area of Paris is where you get everything hair!!

Somewhere you should check out if in Paris.We also go scouting for locations for our Paris shoot. There are so many beautiful locations in Paris that we really are spoilt for choice. The whole concept for our fashion season photographic collection is to get the unique feel and vibe of each of the fashion capitals. The hair, model, styling and location have all been of paramount importance to bring the concept to life.

Anyway back to the shows, the real reason we’re here. Our biggest show in Paris is always Kenzo, assisting Anthony Turner. It's a 6am call time for a 10am show with 44 models to get ready. The hair is gelled back from the front hairline to the nape of the neck, so it looks almost like a shiny vinyl, with the back of the hair left natural. The show walks on time and it's a job well done.

Although I'm always glad to get home after a month on the road for fashion season, I'm also always sad to leave my fashion season family. But with Men's Fashion Week just around the corner in January, I will see them all soon. There’s also a different energy with Men’s Fashion Week, it’s a different experience altogether, one I truly enjoy.So after 34 shows and four photo shoots across four cities, it is time for me to get back to my family, salon and our Creative Hub studio.

Creativity never stops, only evolves.


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